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on End of Life Planning Issues

These lnks are related to the St John's Living Will Workshop.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services

Q&A from the USCCB Committee on Doctrine and Committee on Pro-Life Activities regarding The Holy See’s Responses on Nutrition and Hydration for Patients in a “Vegetative State”

Pope’s Speech is About Human Dignity, by Richard M. Doerflinger, April 9, 2004

Human Dignity in the ‘Vegetative’ State, by Richard M. Doerflinger

Life Matters: To the End of Our Days

Pamphlets available for purchaes

USCCB - Issues and Action Page

Catholic General Focus on  Lfe Issues.

Encyclicals available about the Catholic Church's beliefs concerning Marriage, Contraceptives and Abortion, such as Humanae Vitae.




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